Day one at #BI2014 was a whirlwind of activity, from Steve Lucas’s innovation factory keynote to Timo Elliott’s technology evangelist session at day’s end in our social media lounge. But instead of writing about it, we asked Mimi Spier and Timo for their perspectives on key takeaways and themes from today.

Videos and Bingo and Tweets – Oh My

The SAP social media lounge was a hive of activity during day one. Our first game of SAP Buzzword Bingo was a hit. Timo packed the lounge with his session on becoming a technology evangelist. And Tammy Powlas, an awesome SAP Mentor, popped by for a chat. See my interview with her below.

Our photo contest saw a lot of activity, too! Congratulations to @DecisionFirst and @D_Schiffhauer on winning today’s Chromecast drawing! The contest continues tomorrow – so make sure to tweet a photo (or more)!

Make sure to watch our Twitter handle – @SAPAnalytics – for all of the day two action!