BI 2014 Orlando-datesCollective insight was the call of the day, which kicked off with an awesome keynote by Jason Rose and Stéphane Le Cam. Jason focused on three main points:

●How to change your corporate culture to embrace analytics technologies
●What leading companies are doing to ensure they have the right information and easy-to-use tools that drive adoption
●How to continue the BI journey

Catch a recap of Jason’s keynote below.

Stéphane Answers the Challenge

Stéphane demoed the latest SAP Lumira innovations during the keynote, which were well received. But where he really rocked was when Jason made an impromptu request to create an infographic from scratch! And he did! Check it out!


After the keynote, Stéphane chatted with James Fisher about future BI development plans for 2014, including more SAP Lumira innovations. If you want to see more videos from the event, visit our SAPinsider 2014 Orlando playlist.

Socializing in the Social Media Lounge

The social media lounge again saw a flurry of activity with another well-attended game of SAP Buzzword Bingo! Congrats to Joe Zamzow, who won today’s game (center in photo below). We also had quite a few folks stop by and pick up our basketball-themed ducks. Check out those photos and more in our SAPinsider 2014 Orlando photo album.



Our photo contest continues to see a lot of activity. We are receiving great photos from the event. Our winners from Day 2? Congratulations to @clavo40 and @kurtholst! Thank you to those who participated so far, keep them coming! We still have two more Chromecasts to give away on Day 3.

I’m looking forward to another fantastic day here in Orlando tomorrow. Follow @SAPAnalytics to keep up on all of the action.