BI 2014 Orlando-datesI had the pleasure of interviewing some great people today for our YouTube channel, and a common theme was how the conference was fresh and exciting, focused, and afforded the opportunity to network and share ideas. From the keynote to the information-packed sessions, attendees were happy with what they heard and saw.

Below are video interviews with Bill from PepsiCo and Mico from BI Dashboard Formula. I really appreciated their candid feedback and enjoyed the interviews. Listen to their view of the conference.


A Bit of Feedback via Twitter

@TomMurphy727 –  @ihilgefort Awesome presentation on Design Studio; I am all in an ready to get started now!

@hyounpark – Between #BI2014 #HANA2014 #SMMW14 & #AdobeSummit, there is a lot of B2B insight this week for the socially savvy

@donloden – Liking what I’m seeing with “governing” the self service content from #SAPLumira BI Platform integration #BI2014 #HANA2014 This is important

Who’s the Guy in the Blond Afro?

Inside the Social Media Lounge

I don’t know if it was because the conference was coming to an end or everyone was on a sugar high from the delicious cheesecake and ice cream they served today, but the tweet stream was full of funny posts for our photo contest (you have to look at the photos, to fully appreciate the humor):

@BillVanGieson1: Can you write Webi reports the Vulcan way? #BI2014 #sweeps @SAPAnalytics

@joehambor This meeting of the minds was a bit hazy #thepyledriver #bi2014 @SAPAnalytics #sweeps

@sibain: @SAPAnalytics #HANA2014 #BI2014 #sweeps #SwanandDolphin #Disney. Yes I am at a conference. Honestly dear!

A Quick Shout Out to @applebyj for the Great Selfies

#HANA2014 selfie with @sfeldman0 @kathytan11 @SAPInMemory #sweeps

Yet another #hana2014 selfie this time with @katymauser #sweeps

The #hana2014 gang @tweetsinha @tfxz @kentsaiSAP @holgermu #sweeps

More #BI2014 selfies with @AshishMorzaria with hair, before he managed #lumira

Ok really the last #hana2014 #bi2014 #selfie of the day @aiazkazi @jamesafisher @puneetsuppal (See Below)


A Final Word…

Congratulations @SearchYourCloud  and @BillVanGieson1 – each won a Chromecast in the final day of our photo contest!

A special thanks to @TimoElliott for being our cheesy game show host for all three days of SAP Buzzword Bingo and to everyone who participated, as well as those who submitted words for the game. It’s amazing how the participants knew most of the words!

Congratulations to Jorge Palma from Kellogg who won today’s game.

More tomorrow on @SAPAnalytics!