CaptureResearch shows nearly 80% of all data contains some type of geo-reference. This makes for an important factor for how we make sense of and visualize location-based data to tell engaging stories with data.

For years, mapping tech superpower, Esri, has partnered with SAP and our business intelligence solutions to offer innovations for geo-spatial analysis. Together with SAP technology partners for geo-spatial solutions (including Galigeo, Integeo, and Centigon), many geo-spatial analytic solutions have been delivering geo-based valued insight to many organizations.

Today, the integration of Esri content includes solutions in the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence suite, such as SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio, SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards, SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence, SAP Lumira, and SAP Crystal Reports.

This most recent innovation includes:

  • Native integration with SAP Lumira and Esri’s ArcGIS Online to analyze business data in a geographic context
  • Ability to visualize multiple layers of business data on top of Esri base maps
  • Ability to share maps via private and public cloud

Future innovations include planned native integration in SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio and other clients to include geo-markers and overlay of charts on top of maps.

These innovations with the analytics solutions from SAP build on the foundational elements supported by the SAP HANA platform and enable real-time business and applications with analytics content to operate across mobile devices and be delivered via the cloud. But what role does SAP HANA play in geo-spatial analysis? SAP HANA can dramatically simplify and collapse complex and expensive IT architectures while delivering information at unprecedented speeds.

These types of speed improvements don’t just enable you to get reports faster, they enable you to fundamentally change your business model. SAP HANA can help you get your information 100,000x faster – reducing report times from weeks and days to mere seconds. SAP HANA unleashes the potential for radically new applications and enables you to envision fundamentally new ways of running your business.

For more information:

  • Watch a demo of SAP Lumira’s native integration with Esri featuring World Cup stadium analysis
  • Read the SAP press release from the 2014 Esri User Conference.
  • Try SAP Lumira for free at
  • Register for ArcGIS online at
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