TruckThere’s been a lot of hype and hyperbole around big data in the past few years, with many technology companies jumping on the bandwagon to reinvent themselves and generate new revenue streams.

At SAP, what makes us different is that that big data has been part of our DNA for years, before the term was even coined. Our core ERP solutions laid the foundations for the data-driven economy, enabling the industrialisation of reams and reams of data across industries for the first time.

Empowering businesses to run better by using analytics across the enterprise is what makes us tick. There are some remarkable things being done with big data everywhere around us, so we wanted to showcase these innovations and lift the lid on some of the advancements that will be enabled by data analytics in the very near future. Here’s how we went about it…

We’ve all heard statements like “data volumes are doubling every 18 months” but what’s more interesting and empowering to us is how we can help customers make sense of it. To do this we hit the road. We organised the SAP Big Data Tour, filling our “big data truck” with demos that show how organisations are able to turn data into actionable insights and a competitive advantage.

image2An example of an organisation doing brilliant things with data analytics is the German national football team, DFB. The secret to Germany’s success in the World Cup this year wasn’t just great talent and tactics – big data played a part as well. Inside our Big Data Truck, you can see first-hand how the team prepared for the tournament by running in-depth minute-by-minute analyses of past matches to gain insights into their own and their competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. You can learn more about the DFB’s use of data analytics here. The SAP Big Data Tour is travelling through Europe until November. Find out here when it will be near you; come meet our experts and see big data in action.

image 3.jpTo further demonstrate the future potential of big data, we’ve built the Experience SAP Centre at our UK headquarters in London. It’s a fully interactive, physical, digital – and frankly mind-blowing – experience that shows how SAP is contributing to a better run world, from business to sport, crime to community.

image 4worldEarth Run SAP demonstrates how data analytics can help deliver aid faster following natural disasters such as Typhoon Haiyan. With this multi-sensory experience, we wanted to show how big data can make a difference to people’s lives when it really matters.


image5In Formula 1® the difference between winning and losing can be a millisecond. Sport Runs SAP is an opportunity for you to experience the thrill of driving an F1® car, see if you can beat Jenson Button in the Abu Dhabi circuit (good luck with that!), and learn how McLaren uses real time data analytics to ensure that each lap is faster than the last.

image 6BPI’m a big fan of Sherlock and CSI which might explain why Future Runs SAP is my favourite Experience SAP demo! It’s all about how we’re working with law enforcement agencies to help them solve crimes more quickly and to prevent crimes in the future. The demo lets you play detective, throwing you into the heart of a crime scene in 2020, as you use SAP analytics to work through the clues and close in on the culprit.

I hope that through initiatives such as the Big Data Tour and the Experience SAP Centre, we’re able to show to organisations across industries how they can unleash the potential of analytics, drive collective insight and transform the way they operate. That’s what big data is all about.