by Charles Gadalla, Advanced Analytics, SAP

Picture1I’m excited to announce that SAP InfiniteInsight 7.0 is now released! It’s official birthday was August 22nd, 2014 – and it brought a lot of goodies with it.  Here’s a run-down of my favorite new features.

Brand New Geo-location Feature

Thanks to SAP InfiniteInsight 7.0, you will now be able to use geo-referenced data as input in your models. The software can combine any couple of variables containing latitude and longitude to create a variable of position that can be used by the modeler feature in SAP InfiniteInsight and with SAP InfiniteInsight Social. This allows you to make the most of geographic data and provides you with much more information than simply using ZIP codes.

SAP InfiniteInsight 7.0 would not be complete if it didn’t include ways to debrief the results of such models. Now in Google Earth™,or in any other tool able to interpret geographic data in GML, KML or ShapeFile, you can:

    • visualize the tiles found in your models
    • extract the most common paths/sequences from geo-referenced events,
    • recognize people that were at the same time at the same position (“colocation”)

Tile DebriefingSequences Visualization











Database Extended Support: Hadoop Hive and More

SAP InfiniteInsight 7.0 now offers extended database support that covers Hadoop Hive 11 & 12 and Greenplum Databae 4.2. standard operations, such as in-database application and code generation, through the scorer capability in SAP InfiniteInsight . Hive can be accessed through SAP InfiniteInsight’s simplified connectivity using the latest release of DataDirect driver 7.1 SP3. Moreover simplified connectivity is available once again for Teradata and Oracle. As an upside, this new release of DataDirect also provides a much smoother connection to Oracle. However DataDirect connectors are no longer delivered for Windows 32-bit installers.

Refreshed Design for Enhanced Usability

Several panels, reports and icons have been redesigned to improve the user experience, such as the “Summary of Modeling Parameters” panel and the Data Manipulation editor. They include:

    • Actions in the panels are now accessed through a ribbon at the top of the panel.
    • “Modeling Overview” report has been enriched with the parameters used to generate the model.
    • All features of the “Statistical Reports” panel are now grouped in a toolbar and classified by categories making it is much easier to use.
    • Information provided in the tooltips is now directly available in the properties windows accessed from the contextual menu.


Data Description

Composite Variables Creation

SAP InfiniteInsight 7.0 offers you the possibility to not only cross pairs of variables but also to cross multiple variables at once.  Composite variables are created by combining two or more separate indicators into a single measure. Composite measures measure complex concepts more adequately than single indicators, extend the range of scores available and are more efficient at handling multiple items.

Composite Variables

There you have it…. A whirlwind tour of SAP InfiniteInsight 7.0!  Now, time to blow out the candles on the birthday cake.