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SABOUC Theme = Simplication continued on Tuesday with Jayne Landry’s discussion on simplified BI and simplified pricing during the keynote.

Christian Rodatus gives a nice recap of the keynote.


If you missed the keynote, you can still watch the customer videos for Velux and Aviva, the Thrones of Data feature and download the SAP BusinessObjects BI statement of direction:

It was also nice to chat with SAP customer Jay Riddle from Lockheed, where he shared his honest opinion about the benefits of attending the SAP Analytics and BusinessObjects User Conference. The “simplification” theme resonates with him, and he likes the continued improvements he’s seen year after year in SAP’s ability to listen and take action. Watch his video to hear more:


Make sure you also catch SAP Mentor, Greg Myers, channeling Thrones of Data and talking simplification.

Anyone Wanna Get Social???

The social media lounge had its usual buzz and activities, with a huge turnout for SAP Buzzwords bingo! I think Timo attracted the crowd with his corny-but-funny jokes. For someone who has NEVER played bingo in his life, he excels as a Bingo caller. Thank you Timo!

Tuesday’s winners were:

Twitter Photo Contest – @eileenking

SAP Buzzwords Bingo – Michael Igau, Byron Ward, and Vijay Mandiram



 Check out all of the photos from the lounge in our SABOUC Facebook photo album and the event videos in the SABOUC playlist on SAP Analytics TV.

As I close out this blog, the Developer Wars is about to end. Watch for all of the fun highlights on the SAP Analytics blog in my Day 3 wrap-up.

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