ASUG Cover ScreenI’ve had the privilege of attending the Developer Wars from its inception, and all I can say is…


Where else can I watch outrageously talented developers (who work their butts off to benefit a worthy cause) display their wares (dashboards, folks, this is a family blog, after all) in a hilarious, creative fashion (I’m thinking they had different career aspirations as kids, especially Jeremy Stierwalt)—and get paid for it?

I know, you’re thinking “software = excitement? Ah, Avery how much of the free alcohol did you consume?” (For the record, none. It’s not good to drink and tweet.) But really, these guys and gals – even the old dudes (102 years of experience between them) who made up The Expendables – are funny.

Don’t believe me? Just watch the highlight reel shot from my front-row seat:


No “All Play and No Work” Here

#DevWars looks like it’s all play, but it’s the ultimate all-nighter. Teams worked nearly 28 hours, from 2pm Saturday to 6pm Sunday with minimal sleep (see Dave Rathbun’s note below). Thanks to Tammy Datri, who cleaned all the JFF data, teams were able to hit the ground running. Some of the teams even added third-party data from the state of California to enrich their analytics.

What they can turn around in just over a day is nothing short of amazing—imagine what they do for clients and employers when given a little time and sleep!

BackStage 2Backstage 3

Let’s Get This Party Started…

Jamie Oswald once again emceed the event. He’s now the forever host, as far as I’m concerned. Isn’t there a rule that it’s a lifetime job once you’ve done it three years in a row?

First up…The Expendables. Can I just say these guys are amazing? They went all out on everything: team graphics, opening video, skit, and dashboards. They were also the only team on Twitter – @ExpendablesDW – and boy were they active!

ExpendablesLogo ExpendablesOnStage Expendables dashboard poverty cycle







Next up were the Dashboard Divas. These chicas are cool under pressure. Despite some technical difficulties launching their dashboards, they kept it together and showed why they are divas. And the new divas…well let’s just say they added a bit of spice to the night.











Third in the lineup – NTTDATA Neutralizers (formerly known as Optimal Optimizers). This team never disappoints! And they have a knack of picking themes that leave the audience rolling. However, “It’s only a flesh wound” isn’t all they came with—their dashboards were nothing short of spectacular.


 NTT Lumira credit earned perf NTT Dash infographic NTTLiveOfficeECHSreport







Batting cleanup was ATCG Solutions with their own take on Jeopardy. How can a skit with Sean Connery, Jackie Chan, and Maria Sharapova be bad? It can’t – especially when it includes another set of mighty fine dashboards.

JeopardyOnStageATCG1 ATCG2







And the Winner Is……NTTDATA Neutralizers!

winners image

But the real winner is Jobs for the Future.

Jayne Landry, global VP and GM of business intelligence, announced that SAP’s corporate responsibility team donated $250,000 and SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Edge to JFF. I’m not sure what was more touching, the emotion in Jayne’s voice as she made the announcement or the looks on the faces of Joy Coates and Megan Fox from Jobs for the Future.JayneLandryOnStage
It Takes a Village…

A lot of work—by a whole lot of people—goes into making an event like this happen. A great BIG

THANKS to all who made this possible:
The teams: The Expendables, Dashboard Divas, NTTDATA Neutralizers, ATCG Solutions (names are video links)

The taskforce: Jennifer Cofer, David Dalley, Tammy Datri, Dan Grew, Paul Grill, Ken Hartman, Lee Lewis, Victor Montana, Greg Myers, Isabelle Nuage, Jamie Oswald, Nish Pangali, Chris Pohl, Bhavin Shah, Simon To, and Ken Vincent

The judges: Joy Coates (senior project manager, Jobs for the Future), Megan Fox (director of knowledge management & IT, Jobs for the Future), Steve Krandel (manager of enterprise BI tools, Intuit), Jayne Landry (global VP of GM business intelligence, SAP), and Geoff Scott (CEO, ASUG)

Can I Get an Amen, Brothers and Sisters?


[Photo Courtesy of @HeatherDavisSAP]