by Rachel Ho, Business Intelligence Marketing, SAP

272039_l_srgb_s_glAfter weeks of hard-fought battles against the Dark Data Walkers, the Land of Datarous has emerged victorious!

Using SAP Lumira, brave DataGeeks from across the land representing the House of Dragons (Business), House of Titans (Sports and Entertainment), House of Blacksmiths (Technology), House of Healers (Health and Science) and House of Spirits (Social Good) banded together to defend the Throne of Lumira. By uncovering value from data and discovering new meaning through data visualization technologies, DataGeeks demonstrated how you can turn data into meaningful insight. That insight allows you to take action that ultimately leads to change, however big or small.

Since the official launch of DataGeek III: Thrones of Data at the ASUG SAP Analytics & BusinessObjects Conference on September 22, 2014, over 200 entries have come in as DataGeeks from all over the world used SAP Lumira to tackle Big Data and solve real-world problems.

Now, the 10 Finalists have been announced and it’s time to cast your vote!

Check out the elite entries and vote for your favourite to help crown the Ultimate Ruler of the Throne of SAP Lumira!

Voting is open from Monday, December 8th to Thursday, December 18th 23:59 PST. The Ultimate Ruler of the Throne of Lumira will be announced on Friday, December 19th.