Insider imageIt’s that SAPinsider time of year again. Since I explained “my process” to get ready last year (see Top 10 Reasons NOT to Attend GRC 2014 in Nice), I thought instead I’d tell you what I would LIKE to do at SAPinsider this year. Mind you, this is not what I WILL do, but what I’d LIKE to do.

Attend the SAP Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) Customer Advisory Meeting

This is a time for customers to interact with other customers and SAP, and it’s always gratifying for me to hear customers helping each other. I always learn something! Some of the conversations get quite lively, and many a networking relationship (think people, not technology) are created at these meetings. Of course, the wine and munchies afterwards help stimulate conversation.

Attend Sessions

There are quite a few sessions I’m interested in, other than the ones I’m teaching, of course. Here are a couple that stand out for me:

  1. SAP Governance, Risk, and Compliance Think Tank: How to Improve Your Company’s Use of GRC moderated by Alan Edmunds from EY. I haven’t seen Think Tank in action, but apparently it’s a way to anonymously provide feedback that is immediately reflected on the screen. I would like to see this and hear the wisdom of the crowd.
  2. Get Out the Rubber Ducky: Keeping SAP Security Clean with SAP Process Control presented by Zachary Leahan, PwC. Anyone who names a session “Get Out the Rubber Ducky” is probably a lively speaker, and the idea of using SAP Process Control to monitor key SAP security and GRC metrics, is sound.
  3. For that matter, Marie-Luise Wagener has a session on how to leverage SAP Process Control to extend your SAP Access Control investment that sounds good—and Marie is always informative and fun.
  4. Any sessions or panels involving customers: There are too many to name, but I really enjoy hearing what our customers are doing, how they are addressing day-to-day challenges, and how they make GRC solutions from SAP jump through hoops. I certainly understand why WIS (Wellesley Information Services, the conference producer) stresses the importance of customer-led sessions! This year we have several customers who have never spoken at GRC Insider before, so I’m hoping I can pick up some new tips.

Visit the Exhibit Floor

I never have enough time to see what’s new with partners and even friendly competitors on the exhibit floor. Too often, I’m on the run and, yes, in search of a Diet Coke, snacks because I missed lunch, or after-hours adult beverages. Of course, because there are goodies there, it’s often a great place to grab a few minutes of conversation with customers and peers.

Experience the Wynn

In recent years, any time the conference was in Las Vegas, it was held at the MGM Grand. Nothing against the MGM Grand, but I’m just plain tired of it. I have never stayed at the Wynn, so I’m glad to be getting a chance to see it. Different restaurants, different rooms, different conference facilities – I’ll enjoy them all.

What Do YOU Want to Do?

Of course, this reflects my background and interests, not necessarily yours, but hopefully you get the idea that there is more to do than hit the tables. (I’m a recovering accountant/auditor, so I don’t actually visit the tables – in my case, it’s not gambling, it’s losing!)

…. I’ll be energized by the mere presence of so many knowledgeable GRC and other business professionals all in the same place. But you—what do YOU want to do?