42-47254170-LumiraPredictive analytics, by definition, is “an area of data mining that deals with extracting information from data and using it to predict trends and behavior patterns” (according to Wikipedia).  It allows organizations to achieve real-time insights that increase understanding of customer behavior, improve response to customers, and deliver tangible business value. But as the English say, “the proof is in the pudding.”

Here are 10 great customer stories on how enterprises – small and big – take advantage of their data by using predictive analytics solutions from SAP.

  1. VELUX Speeds Budget and Forecasting

Learn how VELUX utilizes SAP software to understand the financial impact of warranty claims and improve customer service. Watch the video.

  1. Vodafone Netherlands Helps Customers Enjoy Their Mobile Life

Learn how Vodafone analysts developed a predictive model based on profiling data of customers who used their mobile phones at winter sports hotspots in the past. Watch the video or read the blog.

  1. AAA: Delivering the Best Value, Mile after Mile

Discover how AAA can analyze more than 2,500 customer attributes to better understand which members are most likely to benefit from the association’s wide range of products and services. Read AAA’s predictive journey.

  1. Tipp24. com: Quadrupling Marketing Campaign Performance with Predictive Analytics

To understand its customers better and to improve the accuracy of marketing activities, Tipp24.com, one of Europe’s leading licensed lottery intermediaries, turned to predictive analytics. Using predictive analytics solutions from SAP, the company was able to improve its targeting accuracy by 300%. Watch the video.

  1. Mercedes-AMG: A Showcase for Real-Time Business Decisions

Learn how this maker of high-performance automobiles is building next-generation manufacturing operations on a real-time business platform. Mercedes-AMG piloted a real-time quality assurance platform that harnesses predictive analytics to optimize engine-testing processes when manufacturing its vehicles. Read the Forbes case study.

  1. CIR Foods Uses Predictive Analytics to Improve Restaurant Operations and Customer Experience

CIR Foods discusses how the use of predictive analytics from SAP and SAP HANA transforms how it runs its business today, serving more hungry customers at restaurants, hospitals, schools, and other institutions. Watch the video or read CIR Food’s journey .

  1. Dinos Cecile: Using Predictive Analytics to Understand Individual Customer Preferences

Dinos Cecile Co.,Ltd. , Japan’s leading mail order business with 4 million active customers and 9.5 million orders a year, is using predictive analytics solutions from SAP to forecast purchasing probability and enable a more targeted distribution of its over 20 product catalogs to relevant customers. Watch the video.

  1. Aviva plc Optimizes Its Marketing Campaigns with Predictive Analytics

Aviva is the United Kingdom’s largest insurer and is also one of Europe’s leading providers of life and general insurance and asset management. Predictive models help Aviva optimize its marketing campaigns and to gain the insight needed to target the right customers with the right offers at the right time. Watch the video.

  1. Strengthen Customer Relationships with Predictive Modeling

Anticipate customers’ buying habits, shopping preferences, and needs with predictive modeling. See how Cox Communications Inc. uses the predictive analytics solutions to build predictive models to optimize the customer experience and achieve a significant.  Watch the video or read the story.

  1. Mobilink: Boosting Campaign Response Rates up to 380%

Mobilink can analyze huge amounts of data about customers, including demographics, subscriptions, billing, usage, and social network activity. Using predictive models, it can develop more targeted campaigns. The result has been up to 380% higher campaign response rates, higher customer retention, and wider adoption of new products and services. Read the business transformation study.

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