Design Studio1SAP understands the critical nature of data visualization and is seeking to work with thought leaders in this space to bring the benefits of best practices to our customers. This past month, SAP invited Dr. Jurgen Faisst, managing partner of the International Business Communications Standards association (IBCS) to deliver an intensive two-day seminar. He shared insights on the benefits of establishing a set of rules for business communication design, and explained how they ultimately help our customers drive an information driven-culture.

Dr. Faisst’s kick-off to the seminar laid the foundation for visualization best practices. He stood at the front of the room, turned off the projector, and said, “We’re not talking about data visualization – we’re talking about the visualization of messages. Find the purpose and message behind what you’re doing, and then the chart and design should follow.”

Visuals can be seen as highways to the brain – we process information faster and arrive at decisions more quickly with charts than by reading text. Similar to road signs and musical notations, standardization and universal rules will allow for simpler and faster understanding of business communication.

Watch this video with Dr. Jurgen Faisst from IBCS:


What Are the IBCS?

The free and open International Business Communication Standards (IBCS) are proposals for the conceptual and visual design of management reports and presentations. The purpose of IBCS is to foster the level of understanding in written material for business communication. The IBCS Association is a non-profit organization that publishes the standards for free and engages in extensive consultation and discussion prior to issuing new versions. This includes worldwide solicitation for public comment. All versions, contributions, and changes are posted on this website. (Learn more about the standards and explore the structure and rules on the website.)

What’s the Value of Visualization Standards?

Learn the value of visualization standards from real-life case studies . There are a number of customers around the globe who have implemented visualizations standards with Rolf Hichert. (Read their stories.)

What Do Visualization Standards Bring to SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence?

Visualization standards have helped our customers develop their dashboards and applications in far less time because rather than needing to start with a clean slate, they have a best practice template. This improves relationships between IT and the business because conversations are about key performance indicators rather than design and color.

  • SAP has received the BARC certification for IBCS design standards for SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio with partner graphomate add-on.
  • graphomate already has developed a proof of concept for IBCS-compliant visualizations for SAP Lumira as well.
  • graphomate charts are available in the SAP Store.

Today, SAP partners with graphomate to deliver visualization best practice standards in solutions like SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio. Check out this video of their solution in action with SAP BW data.

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Here are some examples of graphomate charts (click on the image to enlarge):