Climber scaling glacier wall“Nothing is stronger than an idea whose time has come,” said Victor Hugo. And the time has certainly come for a comprehensive predictive analytics solution. We’re excited to announce the general availability of SAP Predictive Analytics, the successor of SAP InfiniteInsight and SAP Predictive Analysis. SAP Predictive Analytics will bring pervasive enablement of predictive across the organization with simplicity, ease of use, and productivity.

Why now? The Web, mobile, social, and machine-generated data explosion is a fast pacing reality of the digitalized Information Age and internet of things (IoT). In fact, it has been reported that 90% of the world’s data has been created within the last two years alone. The challenges around data complexity, velocity, volume, variety and veracity – also known as the 4 V’s of Big Data – drive the need for embedded automation and speed of data processing for faster decision cycles and more engaged users. These are necessary for organizations to become quicker at making the right decisions at the right time about competition, internal efficiencies, and customer insights.

Businesses are beginning to move out of their comfort zone of traditional use for analytic tools and beginning to understand how advanced analytics can improve business outcomes. The value of advanced analytics (like predictive analytics) goes beyond fostering a stronger analytical culture. It also achieves superior performance in rapid analytical decision making and user engagement.

It’s no longer sense and react based on human instinct or incomplete information but predict and act in time driven by valuable insight to beat decision deadlines. Speed of decision making is key to success, and faster results require automation of model building and model validation as well as embedded, automated predictive power in business processes and systems of engagement.

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Predictive Analytics – The Time Has Come for Pervasive Adoption

True pervasive adoption of predictive analytics requires low learning-curve solutions that offer ease of use, high level of automation and short ramp up times for building, embedding, and applying more predictive models easier and faster than in the past. Successful predictive analytics are not only valuable for statistical experts. Quite the opposite – they’re accessible for all users all along the business value chain of an organization.

Just imagine the operational power of an organization that’s enabling front office employees to execute extraordinary performance every day, every hour, every minute at scale by leveraging analytic tasks that would previously have required the expensive expertise of highly skilled but scarce data scientists.

Predictive analytics is enabling business to become more agile and intelligent, delivering more value at a faster pace while also supporting auto piloting and automated course corrections. The deployment and productized integration of predictive analytics into operations – known as prescriptive analytics – drives business process transformation that occurs in the system of engagement. This, in turn, drives critical employees’ workflows and customer interactions in an embedded and automated business value chain of “discover, plan, inform and anticipate.”

To learn more about SAP Predictive Analytics, join us March 24th at the next #askSAP Analytics Community Call where SAP experts will share more about our vision and strategy.