Lumira_42-38541251-It’s a pretty basic problem: I’m playing with data, mixing it, mashing it, and visualizing it. The end goal? Understand trends, help my teammates and stakeholders understand how our business is doing, where it’s going, and use this insight to make informed decisions that will benefit our strategy.

But similar to many scenarios these days, we don’t work alone. We work with colleagues on our analysis – we work on a team or in a department and the data can get pretty big. We don’t just want to, but we need to be connected to the same data and share the same visualizations. Too much time is wasted e-mailing Excel spreadsheets back and forth to see which file is the most recent and – let’s face it – we could all use less e-mail.

With so much data kicking around, we need to visualize our data quickly and on the go. With SAP Lumira, Edge edition, you can quickly get a visualization server set up for your department or team, allowing IT to sleep well knowing the Edge-edition server can connect to the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) Platform in the future with the BI add-on (coming in Q2 2015).

Either way, we share the same end goal: take the business data we have, visualize it, and use it to make better, faster decisions to position our business for success.

SAP Lumira Edge Edition Solves Business Challenges Head On

So, how does SAP Lumira, Edge edition help your business get ahead? Here are my top five ways:

1. Connect teams and people

On SAP Lumira, Edge edition, users can connect to the same visualizations, making collaboration and sharing super simple.

2. Utilize the private cloud

Edit, view, and share your visualizations in browsers such as Chrome and Safari as well as on mobile devices. You can even publish SAP Lumira files from the desktop edition to the Edge edition.

3.Crunch Big Data in real time and share it immediately

Open up SAP Lumira, desktop and immediately start visualizing your data, all in an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. Then, easily publish it to SAP Lumira, Edge server and share it with your stakeholders.

4.Control data access

SAP Lumira, Edge edition has been built with a simple administration page. As an administrator you can manage which visualizations specific users can view or edit. You can also create groups and manage permissions that way.

5.Keep IT happy

SAP Lumira, Edge edition was built with self-service BI and IT in mind. Your team has the ability to access and share visualizations and manage users without the need to bother IT every time you need a report. The best part is that if IT ever needs you to connect to their platform, it’s possible with the BI Add-on, coming in Q2 2015.

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