ITweetThere’s a rumor that the SAPinsider GRC 2015 and Financials 2015 events aren’t as social as the SAPinsider BI 2015 event. I say, let’s prove them wrong! Not only are #EPM, #finance, and #GRC integral components of #analytics, the attendees of these events can be just as social as the #BI folks.

And there’s so much content worthy of sharing on social media—and worth looking at even if you’re not into tweeting. Just check out what we have from day 1 alone:

Not sure how to tweet? Below is a Twitter cheat sheet to guide you. Not sure what to tweet at the events? Follow @SAPAnalytics and #GRC2015 and #Financials 2015 to get a feel for what others are sharing.

So, join me on #GRC2015 and #Financials2015 – and let’s show them how social we can be! I look forward to reading your tweets and seeing your Facebook posts!