GRC2015_resize_300x200At GRC 2015, I was particularly impressed by the high level of interest and active participation of customers in different activities during the conference – be they keynotes, broader GRC or product-related as well as technical sessions, panel discussions, demos or hands-on activities. I also noticed that the GRC Solution Center was extremely busy, all the way up to the last hours on Friday!

It’s not only the higher number of participants and level of activity that struck me, but also the quality of this year’s customer case study presentations, and the level of discussion and questions during the sessions, including those led by SAP employees or partners. It clearly reflects on the greater maturity level reached by customers in their use of GRC solutions, and their interest to get even more value from installed applications. And it indicated an enthusiasm for looking at other solutions and discovering the latest innovations offered by SAP.

Examples of Value Creating Use Cases – SAP Process Control

This was particularly obvious in topics around SAP Process Control, one of the solutions I’m more familiar with. It was apparent that most customers now have taken advantage of control testing automation capabilities to robustly support their compliance program, and reduce cost and audit cycles. I heard several participants from very large organisations praise the ability of the application to scale and absorb their very large implementations. These customers have deployed the solution on impressively large scales, involving users in the thousands. The gains they obtained through the automation of controls – in their own words – represent several millions of dollars.

Beyond the big numbers, it also appeared that most have moved well beyond the solo use case of SOx compliance for their SAP Process Control solution. Uses for other regulatory requirements, and also for business process improvement purposes, have expanded on a broad scale. Many such examples of uses cases were presented or shared by customers, and viewed as a very interesting way of increasing the return on their investment.

A Strong Move towards Continuous Monitoring

In terms of functionality, we’ve also heard many customers talking about their use of SAP Process Control’s continuous monitoring capabilities. They said this gives them a much greater level of confidence in the effectiveness of their controls and visibility on potential risks.

Other advantages that customers highlighted were 1) the ability to detect problems early and take quicker action to protect their business, and 2) the increase in their efficiency that resulted by moving to a management-by-exception mode in their compliance and other internal control initiatives.

In summary, beyond achieving the compliance assurance they needed, they now see their GRC solutions much more as a means to improve their business performance.

I welcome your comments, particularly on your own experience if you also attended the SAP Insider conference in Las Vegas last week.

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