datagenius2Three years ago, a joint effort to combine brains with data evolved into a global movement known as DataGeek. By empowering the world’s most data-savvy enthusiasts with the data visualization power of SAP Lumira, hundreds of compelling and insightful stories have been told, shared, and celebrated (see some past examples).

2015 marks a major milestone for the DataGeek community. The power of data increases by the millisecond in our world today as the way in which we live and work are becoming intrinsically tied and connected to data, whether it’s through the Internet of Things or the digital economy.

With such a powerful arsenal of analytics solutions from SAP, it’s time for us to take all things data to the next level and out of this world. It’s time to summon our inner genius and solve real-world problems – we’re challenging our DataGeeks to evolve into DataGeniuses.

As DataGeniuses, you’re tasked with the challenge of wrangling data and equipping yourself with the proper technology. DataGenius IV challenges you to use SAP technology to solve a complex problem and maybe even make a real-world impact, then tell us how you tackled the challenge by sharing your data story with the community. There’s no limit to your wildest ideas when building with tools like SAP Lumira for data visualization, SAP Lumira Cloud for analysts working anywhere, SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio for the dashboard developer, SAP Predictive Analytics for advanced data visualization and forecasting, or SAP HANA Cloud Platform for your wildest ideas.

DataGenius IV Coming This Summer 2015

DataGenius IV is making landfall in Summer 2015, so it’s time to get your genius ideas ready. Entries will be presented to a panel of data experts, which includes data journalist and TED speaker David McCandless.

Not only will your DataGenius IV entry produce solutions to help improve the world, the top three winners will also receive a combined total of $10,000 to donate to DataGenius approved charities and one free SAPPHIRE NOW pass each.

The evolution of DataGeek to DataGenius is an inevitable one. In a universe of data, streaming at the speed of light, it takes true genius and the proper tools to rise above the noise and make lasting impact. Together, the DataGenius community helps bridge understanding by using simplicity to solve complexity.

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