DG3The Data Visualization Community Unites for the Next DataGenius Challenge

Formerly known as the DataGeek Challenge, DataGenius is a community for people around the world that use creativity, data, and visualization to solve complex problems with simple SAP solutions. It’s a movement in the data community to discover and tell the most compelling stories using data in the name of solving real-world problems. New data visualization technologies are allowing you to uncover value from your data and discover new meaning. The DataGenius Challenge encourages you to demonstrate how you can turn data into meaningful insight that allows action to be taken that will ultimately lead to change, big or small. Join the movement today at www.sap.com/DataGenius.

Watch the “What is Genius?” video:


Labelled DataGenius IV, this is the fourth episode of the popular SAP challenge. Each year, thousands of DataGenius entries are submitted by participants around the world (watch this recap video). The challenge will run through the end of 2015 and be judged by a panel that will feature data celebrities, including data visualization expert and recent speaker at TED and SAPPHIRE NOW, David McCandless.

This year participants will compete for the ultimate title of  DataGenius with their entries that produce solutions to help improve the world. The top three winners will receive a combined total of $10,000 to donate to approved charities, and each winner will receive one free pass for SAPPHIRE NOW. Participating charities include Doctors without Borders (MSF), The Acumen Fund, Yao Foundation, Network for Teaching, Junior Achievement, and many more.

Everyone is encouraged to enter the DataGenius Challenge including customers, students, SAP partners, and employees. Participants can download free and trial SAP software to create, visualize, and share their insights in DataGenius entries. Get sample data sets and view other DataGenius entries to get a head start on what and how to viz your data. Get all the details and enter at www.sap.com/DataGenius.

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