GeniusHub2The idea started several years ago when I signed-up for Aeroplan’s digital insight community, which then spawned the conversation here at SAP… why don’t we do something like this with our customers?

The proposition is simple. We want to hear exactly what individual users think about very specific topics. And we want to make it simple for people to participate.

Unfortunately, not all customers are able to travel to attend advisory council meetings, or our various conferences throughout the year. So a digital community, aligned with SAP’s DataGenius initiative, is the perfect means to engage directly with a broader group of customers.

GeniusHub Arrives

From an individual standpoint, the GeniusHub (available in North America) is a no brainer. It’s an ideal way to make your voice heard with minimal investment – only about five minutes each month. Data will be gathered through monthly surveys that are short, specific, and engaging. You can even complete them on your couch, from your smartphone.

The concept is simple, yet the content is powerful. We will engage members on a variety of topics such as:

  • Why you use the product
  • The quality of available training material
  • Specific features and functionality

The data you provide will help shape the future of SAP Lumira. And what’s exciting is that members will learn so much about Lumira, and SAPs Strategy as part of the community. The GeniusHub isn’t just about collecting information; it’s about keeping our most valuable assets, our customers, on top of what’s new with SAP Lumira.

GeniusHub is Be the first to be in the know, be a part of innovation, and help shape the future of a product.

If you’re located in North America, become a member today – register here.

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