Launch2Today SAP made a big announcement. Over the past few weeks there have been hints here and there about Project Orca. Competitors have been speculating, and now, finally, the “killer whale” is in the ocean.

I´m very happy to announce SAP Cloud for Analytics, a new generation of software-as-a-service (SaaS) that redefines analytics by providing all analytics capabilities, for all users, in one product. SAP Cloud for Analytics, built natively on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, simplifies access to a new public cloud experience that customers can trust.

All Analytics. All Users. One Product.

SAP Cloud for Analytics lets you simplify your job with the ability to discover, visualize, plan, and predict in one product versus separate point solutions. One solution for all users simplifies the IT landscape and allows all users to answer business questions whether they are in the boardroom or in front of the customer. It is designed to access all data regardless of where it is – already in the cloud or still on premise – with a hybrid data access architecture that enables you to leverage your investments in on-premise applications. It also includes access to Hadoop data sources which enables you to enrich traditional analytics with insights from Big Data discovery.

As a SAP Cloud for Analytics user, you experience a new and completely different product designed around the user versus technology. The user interface offers built-in social collaboration and best practice information design to maximize your efficiency and the impact of analytics for your audience. It addresses the growing demand for more agility and lets you anticipate and respond to new business challenges and opportunities without delay. SAP Cloud for Analytics is available for standalone deployments across heterogeneous applications and data sources. In the future it will also seamlessly embed in cloud and on-premise business process applications from SAP and 3rd-party vendors to let you find insights and take actions at the point of decision in your applications.CloudforAnalytics

With SAP cloud for Analytics you can trust your data is safe with a SaaS solution from the world’s largest provider of analytics(1) and enterprise applications(2). It will work how and when you expect because it’s built natively on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform where it leverages the high-performance and high-scalability, in-memory computing power of SAP HANA. The native multi-tenant implementation on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform will let you meet your particular needs easily and quickly, now and in the future, by personalizing the application while leveraging the adaptability and extensibility of an open platform-as-a-service (PaaS).

Be one of the first to experience the difference, visit the launch website and stay tuned for more news on SAP Cloud for Analytics.


(1): Gartner – “Market Share Analysis: Business Intelligence and Analytics Software, April 2015

(2): 74% of the world’s transaction revenue touches an SAP system. Source: McKinsey/SAP analysis update 4/2013