42-47419893-dashboardsOur SAPinsider Q & A event (Will Your Web Intelligence Journey Lead You into Lumira?) featured numerous SAP subject matter experts providing live answers to questions from an online audience. After the online session, we touched base with these SAP subject matter experts so they could expand on their answers where they felt it would be beneficial.

Three themes that stood out in these discussions were trusted data, professional design, and user-driven content.

SAP Lumira, Server Edition for the SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform – Trusted Data Solution

While one of SAP Lumira’s features is its ability to work with non-enterprise data sources, the release of SAP Lumira, server edition for the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) platform, meant that it could now also serve as a trusted data solution, providing the ability to develop visualizations from enterprise data sources as well.

Because this solution is a simple add-on, it’s easy to adopt, and once adopted, easy to support. As Ty Miller from SAP noted, the SAP Lumira server add-on has married the IT focus and the business focus.

In most organizations, there are years of IT experience required to manage the BI platform:

Because the approach to this new add-on is so familiar, IT personnel experienced with the BI platform can implement it in their sleep. They are very comfortable with the technology and its security. For business users, it’s a new self-service experience. We have effectively combined easy-to-use data discovery with trusted, enterprise BI, creating trusted data discovery. I am not aware of any other BI vendor that has been able to do that yet. This really is the first example of what trusted data discovery can look like.

The ability to support and manage the add-on is one of the things that makes a data discovery solution a trusted data discovery solution. On the BI platform, SAP Lumira benefits from all of the content security, governance, and management capabilities that are inherent to SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions.  Because of this, SAP Lumira can take advantage of the platform’s life-cycle management capabilities, while providing an avenue for the development of user-driven content to complement professionally authored content from solutions such as SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio and SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence.

SAP Lumira, Server Edition for the SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform and SAP Business Warehouse Connectivity

Effective SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) connectivity has been high on the wish lists of SAP Lumira users, because this connectivity is needed to create visualizations in SAP Lumira to compare SAP BW historical data against non- SAP BW sources. By merging or blending the data from the two sources, SAP Lumira users can deliver better content for decision-making workflows.

After the release of SAP Lumira 1.27, we followed up with Ty to get his take on the state of SAP NetWeaver BW connectivity for SAP Lumira. He told us:

We know that there are high expectations concerning what our tools should be able to do with BW. Prior to Lumira 1.27, we essentially provided only half a solution in allowing Lumira to connect to BW online. The solution was incomplete and we had significant feedback from customers that the solution did not meet their expectations of SAP. We’ve taken that feedback to heart and re-engineered support for BW in Lumira 1.27.

The result was the ability to merge and blend SAP NetWeaver BW data via SAP Business Explorer queries with non-SAP BW, and non-trusted, data. Ty also told us that the SAP will continue to build on this support for SAP BW in SAP Lumira.

SAP Lumira 1.28, released in August, 2015, included further innovations to improve trusted data discovery, including:

  • Single sign-on option for data acquisition from SAP BW – you can take advantage of Kerberos to connect SAP Lumira desktop to a data source, and use a Windows user account to acquire data from SAP BW and other trusted data sources
  • Ability to change variable prompts when refreshing the SAP Lumira to SAP BW query
  • Ability to schedule SAP Lumira stories with saved prompts

SAP Lumira, server edition for the SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform and Life Cycle Management

The release of SAP Lumira, server edition for the SAP BusinessObjects BI platform has proven to be a welcome platform integration piece. To paraphrase a winning political slogan, “It’s the economy platform, stupid.” In our follow-up to our earlier Q & A, Ty Miller told us that the platform is one of the more important components of trusted data:

One of the things that makes a data discovery solution a trusted data discovery solution is the ability of the organization supporting it to manage it, and the BI platform is world renowned for its life cycle management capabilities, and we’re looking to bring more of those kinds of capabilities to Lumira.

By bringing SAP Lumira to the BI platform, SAP has made it easier to support, and also easier to use in concert with other BI platform components. By using the available tools and open document capabilities, we can now make user-driven and professionally authored content work together.

The quest for clarity continues early in the new year, when APOS Systems hosts the SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence Update with SAP’s Frank Prabel & Gregory Botticchio webinar on January 28, 2016. This free webinar will address new features in SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence, and the solution’s place within the SAP BI Convergence Strategy.