27 Apr 2013 --- Business colleagues talking while standing by stairway. --- Image by © Hero Images/Corbis

Digital transformation often means different things to different people and depends upon how you look at it. Digital transformation is definitely not a practice that belongs to one group within the organization— it’s a phenomena. Many organizations are planning or undergoing digital transformation efforts.

Fundamentally,  it all starts with the customer and a holistic approach to transforming the customer experience in all aspects like engagement, transaction, touch points, and more. It means the deconstruction and reconstruction of value chains (like data to technology infrastructure to line of business applications to customer and vice versa) to offer higher customer value proportions and enable both the customer and the enterprise to operate at highest efficiency. This leads to new business models.

Yes, analytics plays a huge role in digital transformation. More importantly, predictive analytics and machine learning play huge roles in digital transformation. If you want to learn more about digital transformation, predictive analytics, and machine learning, don’t miss these sessions next week at SAPinsider BI2016, Las Vegas .

Hope to see your there.

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