red carpet 2Last night, SAP hosted a Red-Carpet Premiere of the film, The Human Face of Big Data at the Montgomery Theater in San Jose. And dare I say, it was amazing! Celebrities, cameras, an amazing cello performance, and an outstanding panel discussion with Sandy and Rick Smolan, Vint Cerf, Linda Avey, Quentin Clark, and Michael Malone.

We’ll have a full recap soon, complete with a highlight reel, photographs, and red-carpet interviews, but right now, the event is living on in the #BigDataPBS social media conversation. Why? Because there were so many great quotes from the panelists—and people want to share them.

Below are a collection of my top picks from the tweet stream. Which one is your favorite? Did I miss some? I look forward to hearing what everyone thinks. My personal favorite is, “Information sharing is power.”

  • This!!! >>>”Information isn’t power, information sharing is power” – @vgcerf#BigDataPBS
  • “During filming we realized that through Big Data we’re learning about how much we don’t know” -Sandy Smolan #BigDataPBS
  • “Big Data is a snapshot of the current state of affairs…the biggest insight will come when we measure it over time” – @vgcerf#BigDataPBS
  • “Big Data’s is having the most impact in medicine: personalized medicine” Data coming from you! – @lindaavey#BigDataPBS
  • .@vgcerf”Need 2 make devices that r paranoid, so they don’t share data they shouldn’t nor let others get control of it”#BigDataPBS
  • Agreed! “Big data, internet of things, facebook–we need data bill of rights” says @vgcerf#BigDataPBS
  • Digital dark age–need to record what data is, need to have its metadata, where it came from. Can’t just be abt accumulating it #BigDataPBS
  • We have processed more data in the past 3 years than we have in the past 3000.#BigDataPBS




In case you’re thinking, “Dang, I missed it,” you can catch the PBS premiere of the film on February 24 at 10pm EST—and remember, look for the full recap of last night’s adventures (including the panel discussion) coming soon!