42-47419893-dashboardsGathering information to help us understand our users, our licensing, and how we manage our landscape has been a much sought-after capability in the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI)ecosystem. Gartner recognized this need years ago and Forrester finally put a name to it: BI on BI.

“BI practitioners who preach to their business counterparts to run their business by the numbers need to eat their own dog food: run their BI environment, platforms, and apps by the numbers.”

Boris Evelson, Forrester

Sherlock™, our SAP-certified solution, has brought BI on BI to many SAP analytics customers around the globe. I’m elated to announce that EV Technologies has partnered with the SAP Analytics Center of Excellence (COE) to do something groundbreaking—we’re bringing Sherlock for SAP BusinessObjects BI to SAP to power the COE. Ken Koffler, the vice president of  the NA Analytics COE adds:

”EV Technologies and Sherlock allowed us to rethink how we can go in and support our customers and provide insights and innovations in ways we’ve not been able to accomplish before.”

Sherlock creates a broad and deep picture of a SAP BusinessObjects BI landscape by integrating BI system metadata from customer landscapes, utilization metadata from the audit database, and content metadata from a deep inspection of content and universes. Sherlock installs in minutes, inspects a landscape in just a few hours, and delivers actionable analysis in seconds.

Pilot Project Was a Great Success

In our pilot project with the SAP Analytics COE last year, our team helped nearly 80 customers make fact-based decisions regarding their BI strategy. We had great conversations around growth, adoption, and other measures of success that demonstrated many customers were in fact doing all the right things with SAP BusinessObjects BI.

For some customers, we identified some extreme risks associated with users doing terrible things with SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence and identified mitigation steps to eliminate these risks for a successful upgrade to SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1. And importantly, we eliminated guesswork when customers asked, “How many SAP licenses do we need?”BI Maturity model                                      SAPlumira

There is something else really important here, though. The work SAP is doing with Sherlock isn’t just about the rear view mirror. SAP isn’t shaming customers with data. Instead, SAP is helping customers drive innovation. Together, EV Technologies and SAP are beginning to tell brilliant stories that demonstrate how customers solve problems using new innovations like SAP Lumira and SAP Predictive Analytics.

EV Technologies Named SAP Analytics Outstanding Partner of 2015EVTECH_Award

As recognition for our technology and our deep experience helping SAP BusinessObjects BI customers globally, EV Technologies has been named SAP Analytics Outstanding Partner of 2015.

Moving ahead into 2016, we look forward to bringing more capability to the SAP COE in helping even more SAP customers innovate with their business intelligence assets. Now’s a great time to get engaged. Speak to your SAP analytics account executive and have a conversation about how SAP’s BI on BI assessment can help your organization.

To learn more about EV Technologies and Sherlock, stop by evtechnologies.com for more information.

See You in St. Louis – SAP Analytics User Group Meeting

And finally, we’re reinvigorating the community of SAP BusinessObjects BI users in St. Louis by hosting an SAP Analytics User Group Meeting on April 28, 2016 at Washington University in St. Louis.

The event will be a full-day meeting starting with a Hack-A-Thon to benefit the Clark Fox Family Foundation, followed by a half-day of education sessions focused on SAP Lumira, SAP Predictive Analytics, and SAP BusinessObjects BI4.2 topics.

This complimentary event brings together a community of professionals, customers and students to network and make new connections. So, grab a business user, grab your laptop, and let’s help our community. To learn more, visit the EV Technologies events page.