Our latest addition to the SAP Analytics family, SAP BusinessObjects Roambi was a big hit at SAPPHIRE NOW this year! I want to recap some of the highlights from a Roambi perspective, and kick-off a series of regular blogs that will keep you updated on all things Roambi right here going forward. We’ll also deep-dive into one key feature of the solution with each blog, and today I will start by talking a bit about the award-winning design of the Roambi mobile app.

Mobile First But Not Mobile Only

Roambi has been designed from the get-go to be used (and useful) on small screens. If you have ever tried accessing a report on your phone then you know how tedious that experience typically is. There really is nothing like it out there right now, and if you haven’t tried it, I encourage you to download the app and check it out (and while you’re there, check out Roambi Flow as well). With the addition of the Chrome web interface, you can now use Roambi on your desktop as well. As a native app, SAP BusinessObjects Roambi leverages all the touch screen gestures that people are already used to, so ramp-up time is extremely fast (reverse-pinch to drill-down anybody?).

Decision Making, Roambi Style

This solution design ensures an interactive experience for data visualizations, instantaneous response times, and because all data is stored on the device—no connectivity is required. I was lucky enough to host David Dadoun throughout the event. David is the ALDO Group business intelligence (BI) and data governance senior manager, and an analytics and BI evangelist:

“We have managed to reach out to our user base and provide our internal customers access to near real-time information in a completely mobile, interactive, fluid dashboard. … We have a fantastic success rate well over the 90% mark in terms of user adoption. … I think one of the reasons why our project has been so successful is the fact that the tool is so intuitive, it’s beautiful, there is no latency as you are accessing the data – it’s access to data anytime, anywhere you are.”

Watch the Diginomica press interview with David Dadoun:



The availability of SAP BusinessObjects Roambi in the United States (read the press announcement) was a huge win. Cindi Howson spoke to Quinton Alsbury, founder of Roambi, at SAPPHIRE and later wrote about Roambi’s “beautiful visualizations.”

If you’re curious to see a quick demo of the app, check out Quinton’s Facebook Live Demo: The Pulse of Your Business in the Palm of Your Hand. (Pictured: Quinton and Avery Horzewski during the Facebook Live demo.)


Some More SAP BusinessObjects Roambi Highlights from SAPPHIRE NOW


Reimagine Analytics Interactive Session with ALDO and TetraPak

Demo session with Ian Grange

Demo session with Ian Grange

ALDO Group Runs SAP BusinessObjects Roambi customer video:

SAP BusinessObjects Roambi is available in the United States currently and will soon be available globally and through our partner ecosystem.

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