talk_to_experts_signThis Fall, #SAPTechEd will take place in Las Vegas (September), Bangalore (October), and Barcelona (November). The best go-to-market and product management experts on SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analytics will deliver many different sessions (lectures, hands-on sessions,and yes, even a CodeJAM) during these three major SAP events. Here is a run-down of everything predictive that you won’t want to miss.

#SAPTechEd Lectures, Hands-On Sessions, and More

The one-hour lectures will cover it all:

  • ANP101 What You Really Need to Know about Our Solutions, by Ashish Morzaria
  • ANP104 The Revolution of Massive Predictive Analytics, by Erik Marcade
  • ANP105 Predictive Can Turn Big Data and IoT into Intelligence You Can Actually Use, by Ashish Morzaria
  • ANP108 Predictive Can Give Your BI the Gift of Foresight, by Ashish Morzaria

kneading_dough_hands_onIn our two- hour hands-on sessions, you will get to try out the latest features of SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analytics for yourself:

  • ANP160 is a “101” discovery session of our solutions by Abdel Dadouche
  • ANP260 focuses on our next-generation user experience, the SAP Predictive Factory and massive model automation by Orla Cullen
  • ANP360 teaches you the art of predictive model integration and scripting by Abdel Dadouche

Come “CodeJamming with us and test live our HCP, predictive services (freshly released on HCP trial) in session ANP600 by Abdel Dadouche.

Last but not least, hear about our roadmap and product strategy in ANP806 by Ashish Morzaria and Richard Mooney.

Pre-Conference Seminar

An exclusive half-day pre-conference seminar is proposed on November 7 prior to the TechEd Barcelona start. Please refer to my SCN blog  to get more details, and make sure to register now as seats are limited!

The session is listed on the SAP TechEd website.

Product Influencing Sessions

  • Ashish Morzaria will be running an ASUG influence council in Las Vegas. Please see ANP117.
  • Priti Mulchandani will be running a product influencing session in Barcelona. Please see IFL219.

Participation in Other Analytics Product Sessions

ANP205 details the cool predictive capabilities of SAP BusinessObjects Cloud. While ANP270 lets you go hands-on with a powerful product trio, SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation, SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analytics, and SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio.

Proposed Sessions

Please check out the proposed sessions for the three locations:

Thanks to Our Speakers

podium_cartoon_manCredits are due to all the speakers and co-speakers who will support and deliver all these sessions across the world!

In addition to the ones already named, huge thanks to Narasimha Rao Addanki, Debraj Roy, Jayanta Roy, Tammy Powlas, Flavia Moser, Priti Mulchandani, Rob McGrath, David Serre, Paul Pallath, Ashok Kumar KN, Jean-Baptiste Gautron, Vijaya Pramilamma Bovilla.


We look forward to seeing you at SAPTechEd!

This blog was originally published on the SCN community blog and has been republished with permission.