christmas_decorAre you making the most out of your data investment and setting yourself and your organization up for future success?  This month’s #askSAP call community webcast on Dec. 8 is your chance to learn about the latest innovations in analytics from SAP and gain exclusive insight into the future and what it means for your business. These days, chances are most of us interact with data and analytics in some way every day.

Wouldn’t you want to invest the time to make the most of your data? Here are my Top 5 reasons why you need to grab a spot on the next #askSAP webcast before it’s too late.

smiling_santa1)Don’t wait for the big IT guy in a red suit to bring you a data present: Invest in a strategy for the future of analytics, now

  • In our hyper-connected world of people, processes, things, and data, it’s analytics that is the fuel transforming organizations in our digital economy from incremental to exponential growth.
  • Learn how traditional BI systems of reporting and databases have changed to modern analytics that are real-time, cognitive, agile, and adaptive. More importantly, understand how analytics are the catalyst to transform for your entire organization into a digital enterprise.
  • Get under the hood of the analytics strategy that has transformed SAP customers like Under Armour (which provides personalized fitness advice to 150 million athletes) and smart cities like Nanjing (which connects to 100 million data records per day to intelligently reduce traffic volume).

2)Business and IT can have a holiday hug: SAP BusinessObjects Lumira 2.0 technology preview

  • Eliminate data silo frustration with agile analytics that are secure and scale to all lines of business. Join the webcast to see a technology preview of SAP BusinessObjects Lumira 2.0, which brings together the data prep and discovery of Lumira with the rich application design of Design Studio.
  • It’s holiday season hugs-all-around, since now lines of business can gain agile, collaborative, self-service analytics while IT maintains consistent, accurate, and secure data
  • This is something only SAP customers can do, including Anders Reinhardt of Velux,which uses analytics from SAP to scale self-service analytics to all lines of business, reducing IT dependence and increasing usage by 300%.

3)Find the Elf on the Shelf in your business: SAP BusinessObjects Predictive innovations

  • What secrets are hidden in your data? Not only that, is your business even ready to capitalize on the future of the Internet of Things and Big Data?
  • Learn how you can “future proof” your organization with enterprise-grade analytics that use embedded Machine Learning and automate thousands of predictive models to provide suggestive analytics that know your business and recommend action. Don’t worry, a degree in data science isn’t required.
  • Hear how you can join customers using advanced analytics like Advocate Health Care that can detect problems before they arise and ultimately provide patients with a better path for care.

party_people4)Show up to your holiday party in style with stunning, personalized mobile analytics: SAP BusinessObjects Roambi innovations

  • Who doesn’t want intuitive and engaging insights that are personalized for them—designed for any device—to answer questions with conviction when you need it most? Avoid those awkward data moments and always have the latest information you need, when you need it.
  • Learn the latest innovations with mobile analytics solution SAP BusinessObjects Roambi and how customers like David Dadoun at Aldo update data against targets every 30 minutes allowing sales directors improved decision speed right from their mobile device.

5)Supercharge your business sleigh: SAP’s cloud analytics strategy

  • Tired of updates, versions, migrations, servers, and other ghosts of software past? Remove the clutter this holiday season and simplify your business with all analytics in one cloud-based solution.
  • Want to take advantage of cloud analytics but don’t want to move any of your on-premise data? SAP is the only software provider who can create end-to-end analytics scenarios by blending on premise and cloud data without moving it.
  • Join to learn more about the SAP cloud analytics strategy with SAP BusinessObjects Cloud. This webcast will outline SAP innovations on premise and in the cloud and how they work together for the tightest integration of applications and analytics across your business network.
  • Learn more about SAP BusinessObjects Cloud and try it out.

May all your data wishes come true this holiday season,