I hope that your plans to attend SAPinsider GRC and Financials in Las Vegas, March 21-24 are taking shape. Having already heard from two customers who’ll be speaking at the event in previous blogs, Tennant Company  and Vivint, today I’ll whet your appetite a little more with a third customer speaks.

Shreepad Ankalgi of JBS, a leading processor of beef, pork and lamb in the U.S, offers some insights to their story that will be shared at the event in just a few weeks’ time.

The Customer Speaks

Please tell me a little bit about your project and the SAP software you’ll be talking about at the SAPinsider conference.

We will be discussing our success story in terms of the efficiencies in business processes that we gained by implementing an automated cash applications solution, collections management, and dispute management.

The implementation of the solutions has streamlined our business processes by eliminating non-value manual tasks, reduce dependence on IT, increased productivity and reduced maintenance costs of software systems as we have been able to leverage SAP’s standard modules and functionality.

What was the biggest lesson you learned as you undertook your project?

The biggest lesson learnt was that the sky is the limit when it comes down to improvement and innovation in terms of improving business processes contributing to increased productivity. There is almost a continuous need for businesses to keep introspecting and investigating newer ways to eliminate non-value add tasks and automating those.

This will drive innovation so that businesses become proactive rather being reactive adapting to challenges posed by the ever changing business environments. The more time that businesses have to look at the information and analyze it rather than generate that information, the more successful they will become to achieve their goals and mission.

Without giving every detail away, can you describe one of the business impacts or benefits that you have experienced?

The biggest one has been the increased trust of the business teams on the IT team to be able to investigate and resolve a problem. There have been some great benefits with dollar savings (both hard and soft) and we have laid down the foundation for further innovation, creativity ,and growth in terms of improving our business processes and getting better at what we do.

Thank you Shreepad, it sounds like you laid the foundations for a truly successful project!

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