The SAP theme this year was “Live Business. Connected World” and this was represented everywhere in our booth and right in line with the main themes of the overall event. Mobile World Congress is THE global digital transformation event of the year, and almost every industry was represented with attendees, exhibitors, and partners. 

SAP BusinessObjects Roambi was co-located with our SAP Digital Boardroom setup—giving us lots of traction and allowing us to showcase how mobile analytics can be used to compliment SAP Digital Boardroom. We were able to demonstrate to attendees how we can deliver analytics from the big screen in the board room to the small screen in your pocket. You can see a video of the demo below. 

What’s New and What’s Coming from SAP BusinessObjects Roambi

Also have a look at our other Facebook live event, a chat with Ian and me on recent Roambi innovations.

The Case for Mobile Business Intelligence

Here’s Ian Grange at the SAP Analytics theatre presenting on “The Case for Mobile Business Intelligence”…including content from the IDC whitepaper that was published last November—all presented using Roambi Flow—no PowerPoint here!


This paper is worth the read and helps you

  • Explore highlights from IDC’s recent market research findings into the requirements, deployments, and benefits of mobile BI and analytics solutions
  • Identify best practices among existing SAP BusinessObjects Roambi clients interviewed by IDC
  • Learn why mobile BI is becoming a must have technology, alongside other BI and analytics tools and applications

Join Our openSAP Course on SAP BusinessObjects Roambi

Speaking of mobile BI news—there is a new FREE openSAP course, Getting Started with SAP BusinessObjects Roambi. In it, you can learn about

  • Configuring and administering the SAP BusinessObjects Roambi account
  • Creating the different visualizations
  • Data integration options
  • Creating content in Roambi Flow to add context to the SAP BusinessObjects Roambi views

The course started March 13 and runs over three weeks—it’s not too late to join!

I hope to see you all at MWC 2018!

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