One discussion I kept having at SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando was around how to move IT from a reactive firefighting mode to a proactive and anticipatory stance. It was a topic of some interest with some 200 attendees adding the demo theater on SAP IT Operations Analytics and SAP Predictive Analytics, which was presented to an overflow audience to their agendas.

And there was also strong engagement and interest from individuals and mini tours at the demo pod housing SAP IT Operations Analytics (SAP ITOA) focused on real-time IT analytics, enriching IT data with master data, and predictive capabilities for IT.

That IT can become proactive and anticipate and act on incidents before they happen is a consequential paradigm shift. One that totally changes the game for IT and the organizations it powers, especially with the shift to and focus on Digital Transformation. IT departments that can anticipate concerns and not just react after the fact are the ones that will power winning enterprises.


My recent SAPPHIRE NOW experience was an extremely positive one. I hope if you attended, yours was valuable as well.

I had some very rewarding engagements around the value of SAP IT Operations Analytics for IT. These interactions not only allowed me to explain the value of SAP ITOA, but also gave me insight, feedback, and advice from those who would use and benefit from it. Things that can and will be taken back to shape and drive the path forward.

Learn More

  • You can read more on the value to IT of SAP IT Operations Analytics with SAP Predictive Analytics here.
  • See a quick 4-minute demo on the predictive capabilities of SAP IT Operations Analytics both out of the box and in conjunction with SAP Predictive Analytics.
  • SAP ITOA had a strong presence as part of the Google Data Transparency demo in the Google booth and was highlighted by Lenovo in its booth and a theater presentation around integration with Lenovo XClarity. (Read more about it).
  • If you want to learn more about SAP IT Operations Analytics, my recent overview blog would be a great starting point.