SAP IT Operations Analytics (SAP ITOA) is a unique offering in the SAP portfolio because it’s an analytics tool built for IT, by IT. While typically known for building analytics applications for business users, SAP developed SAP ITOA to solve real pains experienced by IT departments by offering a view of the data center that is both holistic and in real time.

With the ability to perform out-of-the-box predictive analytics and correlate business data with IT information, SAP ITOA is a powerful tool to drive digital transformation from within organizations. See the solution for yourself during our webinar this Thursday, June 22nd.

My colleague John Schitka and I will explore what SAP ITOA is, where organizations are using the solution today, and how SAP ITOA can add value to your organization by enhancing IT’s agility and responsiveness.

We will also be highlighting what is new in SAP ITOA 2.0 Service Pack 03 in a live demo and presenting the product roadmap that includes the features and functionality that will be built into future versions of SAP ITOA.

Register for the webinar to discover how SAP ITOA:

  • Helps prevent outages and other issues before they occur using predictive analytics.
  • Quickly identifies causes of issues using the Root Cause Analysis feature.
  • Can automate actions to maximize human and infrastructure resources.
  • Stacks up against the competition (spoiler alert: very well!)

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So whether you’re a customer, partner, employee, or member of the community-at-large, please join John and me for the webinar to learn more about SAP IT Operations Analytics and how it can transform your IT department.