What is the Analytics Builder? The  Analytics Builder within SAP IT Operations Analytics (SAP ITOA) is a powerful tool to create SQL queries in a simple and fast way by using a graphical interface. Just drag and drop objects to create a story and integrate different data sources such as IT infrastructure data, master data, business data, and more. (See video below.)

Typical Use Cases? 

Since the Analytics Builder is so flexible, there’s a variety of ways it can be used. Here are three use case examples.

Example #1: Root Cause Analysis

  • Combine data sources to analyze an error more quickly
  • Use different data sources (like infrastructure, application, or business) to create a holistic view
  • Forward findings to various teams (business owner, support teams) by using master data information
  • Create alerts out of the findings so the next time the system can recognize the situation automatically
  • Use the master data information in alerts to inform responsible target groups automatically (notifications are sent to different receivers)

Example #2: Business View

  • Combine IT data, master data, and business data to analyze financial situations
  • Get an overview on profit, cost, or business loss. Or drill down into departments or even single instances (deep dive details)
  • Analyze server downtime and calculate business loss is a typical scenario
    • In combination with master data information, the priority and responsible contact person can be mapped into the context.
    • It’s also possible to define alerts to inform responsible teams automatically.

Example #3: Trigger Action

In addition to triggering e-mail notifications, this trigger script feature allows you to integrate with other systems (or trigger activities). Use it to:

  • Analyze data sources and forward desired attributes to the scripting interface
  • Trigger several scripts in parallel to send e-mail notifications
  • Trigger third-party systems like REST API Integrate with other systems such as REST API or trigger activities
    • One example is to analyze storage capacity (like NFS Storage) and increase or decrease the storage automatically based on configured thresholds. This helps to optimize storage usage and reduces errors. While it’s a simple example, you can imagine the possibilities as different data sources are combined to create more complex trigger scenarios.

Benefits Summary

Overall, the SAP ITOA Analytics Builder provides:

  • Faster insights with an easy-to-use interface
  • Ability to share specific content for different target groups
  • Flexibility to create complex analyses and triggering actions
  • Predefined objects (charts, tiles, tables, alerts)
  • Content Binding (reuse information between objects)

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