As the core of the modern business, IT needs to be proactive, efficient, and predictive to lead the Digital Transformation. IT organizations now support the most mission-critical operational areas and must anticipate issues, correlate seemingly unrelated events, and predict incidents to keep the business running at full capacity. To unlock this functionality, IT can no longer be reactive—it must be proactive.

This July 27, in the second installment of our new SAP IT Operations Analytics (SAP ITOA) webinar series, Angela Harvey and special guest Pier Bobys will take a look at the benefits companies can realize from adding predictive functionality to their IT management tool kit. SAP ITOA offers out-of-the-box predictive capabilities that can generate time series forecasts (see image below) which can be used to predict cloud costs or trigger automated actions that avoid catastrophic incidents (see this demo). For more advanced use cases, such as predictive maintenance, SAP Predictive Analytics can be used in concert with SAP ITOA.

Register for the webinar to learn:

  • What SAP IT Operations Analytics is and how its holistic, real-time, predictive capabilities can revitalize IT
  • About the predictive capabilities SAP ITOA has out of the box and how they can enhance IT
  • How combining SAP IT Operations Analytics with SAP Predictive Analytics can provide powerful predictive insights and drive preventative maintenance for IT
  • How switching to a proactive stance can help you become a leading IT operation

In case you missed it…

If you weren’t able to join us for the inaugural webinar last month that went over what SAP ITOA is and what’s new in Service Pack 03, the replay is available on our SAP IT Operations Analytics webinar wiki.

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So whether you’re a customer, partner, employee, or member of the community-at-large, please join Angela and Pier for the webinar to learn more about predictive IT management and how SAP IT Operations Analytics can raise your IT department to a whole new level.