Streamline your IT operations with a ‘single pane of glass,’ proactive analytic view by integrating data from your Lenovo servers with data from other parts of your IT landscape and SAP applications.

Now, you can combine SAP IT Operations Analytics and Lenovo XClarity to speed response times and reduce costs. Holistic transparency across previously segregated information silos can speed resolution and help identify root causes behind incidents. This helps IT shift its focus to analyzing and preventing incidents instead of just reacting to them.

SAP IT Operations Analytics provides value by being open and agnostic across the datacenter. With the ability to add detailed proprietary data from your Lenovo systems, it can increase the value and insights you can use to help manage your IT operations.

Better Together

Industry leaders SAP and Lenovo have collaborated to provide visualizations and dashboards that enable you to fully understand what’s happening in your IT environments. The ability to enrich this integrated data with predictive capabilities allows you to forecast future issues—and prevent them before they occur. Data on Lenovo systems comes from information collected via Xclarity, Lenovo’s native monitoring tool, along with the SAP Host Agent. This data stream can be used to populate pre-built dashboards for security, power, and provisioning as well as alerts to predict failures and notifications about power and temperature issues. And as always with SAP IT Operations Analytics, this content is customizable and can be extend to meet your needs and use cases.

What’s New

Previously, two different tools were required to get a good overview of your data center landscape:

  1. Lenovo XClarity for a deep understanding Lenovo server performance, operation, and behavior, and
  2. SAP IT Operations Analytics to see metrics and data from other parts of the datacenter and SAP applications.

These have been brought together into one easy-to-use joint solution. With a single tool, you get information from both in a single view that lets you easily pinpoint the cause and reduce time to resolution (Image 2). It can even help you monitor security related events in your Lenovo landscape (Image 3).

Image 2

Image 3

Lenovo XClarity Administrator, along with SAP IT Operations Analytics, delivers services which enable a digital boardroom and single-pane view of an organization’s IT operations, including the ability to analyze and monitor IT operations across all technology layers from the core to the network edge.

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