Next week is a busy one for the North American members of the SAP IT Operations Analytics (SAP ITOA) team. There are two excellent shows happening during the last week of September and SAP ITOA will be showcased at both.

I will be joining my colleague Angela Harvey (Senior Director of Product Management for Ecosystems and Channels) at SAP TechEd Las Vegas from September 26th to 29th. Live demos and awesome conversation about SAP IT Operations Analytics can be found at the Genius Bar in the Know section of the SAP Showcase. We’ll be demonstrating how SAP ITOA gives IT departments the ability to break down silos and holisticly monitor the data center while being able to respond to issues in real time.

And since we’ll be sharing a space with the SAP Predictive Analytics folks, we’re also going to highlight how the two solutions work together to enable advanced use cases such as predictive maintenance.

In addition, Angela will be leading five sessions focused on SAP ITOA including how analytics makes IT’s life easier and a discussion about the future of the product. If you’re unable to attend the show this year, Angela’s session on how to gain control over your IT operations will be recorded and available afterwards.

Strata Data Conference

Not to be outdone, our colleague John Schitka (Senior Director of Solution Marketing) will be at the Strata Data Conference in New York City at the same time. Traditionally, this show has been focused on Big Data topics, so John will be showcasing how SAP ITOA transforms the unstructured, high-volume, low-value data from IT infrastructure into meaningful insights.

Other themes related to Big Data, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, will also be explored in the context of the predictive capabilities of SAP IT Operations Analytics. Just like with SAP TechEd, John will be sharing space with the SAP Predictive Analytics team. This co-habitation speaks to how our respective teams are working together to make sure the combined power of the solutions is known to users.

So if you’re planning on being at SAP TechEd Las Vegas or Strata Data Conference, please stop by and say hello. We might even have some inside info on SAP IT Operations Analytics SP04 scheduled for release this fall.