SAP TechEd is action packed with educational content across all things SAP. It wasn’t easy, but I narrowed down my fav five (well, six) picks for the must-watch business intelligence and analytics sessions from this year’s event in Las Vegas—you can thank me later.

Without further ado, here are the top five SAP TechEd sessions for analytics that you can watch now on replay. Enjoy!

Strategy Talk: Finding Insights in the Data Deluge: 

  • Data has become the single-most untapped, strategic asset of today’s enterprise. Outperforming competitors means sifting through volumes of data to find actionable insights. But what if there is an easier way? The SAP analytics portfolio can enable the enterprises of tomorrow by pushing forward business intelligence, planning, and predictive in the Cloud, while providing a comprehensive path to customers. Explore how your organization can transform into a competitive, digital enterprise.

Plan, Explore, and Predict: A Comprehensive Demo of SAP Analytics Cloud 

  • Step through a detailed use case of how a company can leverage the different capabilities of the SAP Analytics Cloud solution to efficiently run its business. Watch live demos of what-if-scenario modeling, time-series forecasting, data exploration, guided machine discovery, geospatial analysis, and R integration.

SAP Lumira Version 2.0: Overview and Strategy 

  • SAP Lumira version 2.0, SAPs new flagship on-premise software, covers analytics scenarios from ad-hoc self-service discovery to sophisticated analytical app design, including business planning. The software combines former separate products, SAP Analytics Design Studio version 1.x and SAP Lumira version 1.x. This overview showcases new key capabilities for both business users and professional app designers.

The Journey to the Cloud with L3 Technologies and SAP Analytics 

  • Hear from L3 Technologies and Mike Flannagan, senior vice president of SAP Analytics and SAP Leonardo,, about L3’s Journey to the Cloud through SAP’s hybrid analytics solutions, including their recent adoption of the latest release of SAP Lumira 2.0.

Machine Learning, Blockchain, and Conversational AI: How to Get Started 

  • Machine learning, blockchain, and conversational AI are among the key technology drivers of our times. Based on a platform approach, SAP makes it easy for you to get started and build your own apps on top of these technologies. Join this session to get more details and to also find out the initial results from a quantum computing experiment.

Bonus Session

Big Data Warehousing: How an Enterprise Data Hub and SAP BW/4HANA Interact

  • Build Big Data warehousing scenarios in modern software landscapes with SAP BW/4HANA and an enterprise data hub. Learn how you can efficiently build and manage end-to-end processes across core data warehouses and data lakes with proper governance.

There are many more educational sessions, lectures, interviews, and strategy talks available online. Learn more about product innovations and customer value and use cases from SAP TechEd.

We’re Just Getting Started

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