I’m delighted to announce the release of SAP IT Operations Analytics 2.0 Support Pack 04 (SP04), powered by SAP HANA.

SAP IT Operations Analytics (SAP ITOA) gives IT administrators holistic visibility into their entire hardware and application landscape by aggregating data sources within one layer, and this service pack features numerous enhancements to make adoption of SAP ITOA easier for our customers and more extensible for our partners.

Pre-Defined Content Packages

When customers install SAP ITOA, it will come pre-loaded with analytics “stories” that are useful to SAP environments. These stories include “SAP ITOA Data Size Analytics” to help customers monitor their SAP ITOA consumption and growth. This will also be a useful tool for partners to size SAP ITOA deployments. The “SAP Root Cause Analysis” story will help customers monitoring servers with SAP Host Agent data, helping customers in live or pilot systems benefit immediately from SAP ITOA.

Subsequent releases of SAP ITOA will include more content packages to be delivered in product, available in the SAP IT Operations Analytics section of the SAP App Center and thru SAP Service Marketplace. Partners can also define content packages for SAP ITOA and share them via the SAP App Center.

Data Acquisition and Analytics

To simplify user experience, data acquisition and analytics experience are now both handled through the Analytics Builder. Functionality previously addressed in the Buckets view is now available via Stories. In addition to improving the user experience, this re-architecture had dramatically improved the load time of our stories.

Making setup easier, we’ve introduced bucket templates to complement the ability to create buckets manually. Buckets can be fully customized and modified regardless of how they were created.

Our new Data Acquisition Interface is a central place to acquire data, manage retention, and offload to SAP HANA Dynamic Tiering. Acquired data can easily be shared among users or user groups. SAP IT Operations Analytics can easily perform analytics on data in SAP HANA memory or stored in Dynamic Tiering, making it an extensible, cost-effective tool for IT analytics.

Enhancements to the Analytics Builder

Extending our predictive functionality, linear regression and outlier detection are now available through the Analytics Builder for use in dashboards and alerts.

And for the savviest of IT users, we’ve introduced a raw SQL block for those times you want to use freehand SQL, complementing the guided SQL previously available in SAP ITOA.

New time range and filter elements for quick and accurate filtering of results are other exciting enhancements to the Analytics Builder.


Integration with SAP Focused Run for Solution Manager

SAP ITOA can now publish alerts directly to SAP Focused Run for Solution Manager, providing an easy way to alert SAP admins about issues in other areas of IT that could impact SAP application performance.

Learn More

  • More information about this release can be found now in the documentation on help.sap.com/itoa .
  • Read the rest of our series blogs to learn more about our SAP IT Operations Analytics solution.