Since the release of SAP IT Operations Analytics (SAP ITOA), we’ve worked closely with our partner channel to expedite SAP ITOA’s adoption in this large, but underserved, market. According to IDC, the market size for IT operations analytics is $1.9 billion, though Gartner indicates AIOps is currently only adopted in 10% of organizations (which they expect to climb to 50% by 2020).

Tech partnerships like ours with Lenovo have extended our ability to meet IT customers’ needs out of the box (check out our joint solution brief for more details). And working with resell and implementation partners like Crosstek has helped customers go live faster and see more benefits from SAP ITOA.


To help partners retain a fair margin while meeting their customer’s cost expectations, we’re pleased to announce SAP ITOA Edge edition. Exclusive to partners, SAP ITOA Edge edition is up to 85% more affordable than SAP ITOA direct edition. It also introduces pricing tiers, allowing partners to give volume discounts to customers who buy more. SAP ITOA Edge edition has all the same features and functions as SAP ITOA, but is limited to 1TB of memory. However, customers can offload older data to Dynamic Tiering, the warm-store layer for SAP HANA, meaning the restriction is moot for many scenarios.

SAP ITOA also includes the ability to easily export and import content, so you can extend the value of the solution and then re-use the content among clients.

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