What’s the role of data and analytics in fueling digital transformation?

To become the agile and adaptive business today’s customers demand, companies must do more to harness the abundance of data across the enterprise and put it to work at the speed of business.

Traditional processes often pit business against IT. Such processes result in trade-offs between the agility that business users demand and the data governance IT requires. They also lead to data siloes as business teams develop their own analytical models using stale, inaccurate data. And they can trigger huge reporting delays because it takes months for new data fields to be updated in master data.

Digital transformation requires new ways of thinking about data and how it’s used. It requires breaking data siloes and process barriers that prevent business users and IT from coming together, allowing unprecedented insight to move your business boldly ahead in today’s digital economy.

So How Do You Foster Digital Transformation in Your Organization?

1) Bring Business and IT Teams Together

Data drives the business these days and information is the key to transformation.  IT and line-of-business (LoB) users need to work collaboratively to drive business transformation. Businesses must meet the self-service data visualization and real-time analysis needs of business users, while enabling technical power users to create more sophisticated analytic applications. Everyone needs to be able to execute with greater agility and with greater focus on core business transformation goals. This collaborative and accelerated development approach helps your people create and share business insight precisely when and where it’s needed.

2) Simplify Analytics for Users and Administrators

Transform the end user and IT experience, enable broader use cases, and impact TCO. Across all industries and lines of business, analytics complexity is a stark reality for business users and IT professionals. If you can ease the learning curve for business users to create and consume analytics, you increase self-service user adoption, and reduce the time and cost burden for IT.  This addresses the data governance and self-service provisioning needs of IT professionals, allowing IT to work closely with users to provide the real-time, governed data they need to uncover hidden insights and drive key business decisions.

3) Optimize Access to Governed, Secure, and Timely Data

Focus on business transformation—not data extraction. Digital transformation won’t happen if decision makers rely on old, low-quality data. Ensuring enterprise-wide access to governed, secure, and timely data is critical to making the best decisions possible based on the latest trusted data available. Enable IT to manage, govern, and deliver fresh data to business users on a reliable platform they need to uncover hidden insights and drive key business decisions.  Eliminate need to manage periodic data extracts and imports that are instantly out of date, and you eliminate the need for data siloes and shadow IT projects across your company.

This is where SAP Lumira comes in – by inspiring insights and driving transformation.

Dec. 14 #askSAP Live Chat: SAP Lumira 2.0 – Bringing IT and Business Together Again

Join us this December for our #askSAP Live Chat on our SAP Analytics Facebook channel. This is a great opportunity to learn more about SAP Lumira 2.0 and to ask any questions that you might have of our guests, Jayne Landry and Blair Wheadon.

SAP Lumira: Inspire Insights and Drive Transformation

SAP Lumira is built to inspire. It inspires your business users to have confidence in your business information by enabling optimized access to timely, governed data every time. It also inspires collaboration between your business and IT teams by making self-service analytics simple and easy, while eliminating the IT support burden required by traditional solutions.

SAP Lumira delivers businesses with real value by providing:

  • The convergence of self-service data discovery and the creation of interactive dashboards and analytic applications in a single solution bringing IT and business together for rapid and agile innovation
  • A new user-friendly single canvas and interface that enables interoperability between LoB and IT for rapid development, refinement, and promotion of BI content
  • Enhanced productivity and business user adoption with a reduced learning curve through easy to use single canvas and Fiori-style interface
  • Optimized online and live connectivity access to SAP HANA, BW and Universes
  • Information access to act in the moment with SAP and non-SAP data sources, both on premise and in the cloud
  • Native operation on the trusted SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform providing proven scalability and data governance
  • Extensions from SAP and 3rd parties that enable content and data from expanded use case and application capabilities

That’s why leading companies are taking a fresh and bold approach. They’re entering a new world that brings business and IT closer together in collaborative, automated workflows. SAP Lumira can inspire storytelling and help enhance business performance across your organization – enabling everyone to discover new insights and opportunities and helping your entire business quickly deliver on your transformation goals.

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