One of the most common questions our SAP IT Operations Analytics (SAP ITOA) team gets is about the difference between SAP ITOA and SAP Solution Manager. Existing SAP customers know SAP Solution Manager as a trusted source of information about SAP applications and an important piece of managing an SAP environment. More advanced users also know that SAP Solution Manager has the ability to dip down into the IT stack and get some information about the underlying infrastructure that is supporting the SAP applications. Inevitably, these are the users that ask the best questions! And without fail the first question is always, Why do I need another tool if I already use SAP Solution Manager?

What’s the Difference?

As my colleague Angela Harvey puts it, both SAP IT Operations Analytics and SAP Solution Manager have a “sweet spot:” SAP Solution Manager was built to monitor SAP applications and provide the accompanying alerts to admins while SAP ITOA was built to enable rich analytics on the health and performance of an IT landscape with a focus on infrastructure.

So while SAP Solution Manager can go down the stack into the infrastructure layer and SAP IT Operations Analytics can go up the stack into the application layer, neither was designed for the purpose the other excels at. Through this lens, it’s easy to see how complementary the solutions are to one another.

How Do They Work Together?

After explaining the difference, there’s always one more question, How do the two work together? As of October, with the release of SAP IT Operations Analytics 2.0 Support Pack 04, it’s now possible to publish alerts from SAP ITOA directly to Focused Run for SAP Solution Manager. Focused Run is a powerful solution for users with large SAP environments who want to leverage the full power of the SAP HANA platform. We found that customers who use SAP ITOA to manage their own high-volume, heterogenous IT environments centers were choosing Focused Run for their SAP application monitoring.

Publishing Alerts to Focused Run for SAP Solution Manager 

With the ability to publish alerts directly from SAP IT Operations Analytics to Focused Run, SAP Basis administrators are given insights into the health of the IT infrastructure stack that was previously unattainable. By knowing the state of the infrastructure that SAP applications are running on, the administrators are more efficient at locating root causes of issues which leads to decreased resolution time and subsequent increased uptime across the SAP system.

This means users, both customers and employees, have uninterrupted access to the business-critical processes required to make organizations run continuously and smoothly.

The FRUN Forwarder block found in the Analytics Builder. One or more Metric blocks can be added to ensure the salient information is being passed from SAP ITOA to Focused Run.

Focused Run for SAP Solution Manager delivers out-of-the-box insights with pre-defined analytics for SAP applications that when used in conjunction with SAP ITOA’s flexible analytics for IT infrastructure, generates greater value than the sum of their parts. Hopefully we’ve cleared up, once and for all, the difference between the two solutions and why they’re better together. And with the alert publishing advancements in the most recent release of SAP ITOA, we’re getting better at answering how they work together.

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