Last month, the SAP Leonardo & Analytics ecosystem team hosted an exciting Partner Hackathon using SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Digital Boardroom in the SAP Bangalore office. The event gathered altogether over 20 participants from 10 SAP Partners who developed 13 use cases in just 4 weeks time.

The two-day event provided a unique opportunity to participating partners to get guidance and support from SAP experts for developing solid business content with real demand in the market. Prior to the event, participants received SAP expert support weekly in their preparation effort. On 30th and 31st October, we had SAP experts readily available to assist partners with any of their queries.  After intense fine-tuning and consultation, partners presented their individual scenarios for various industry use cases with actual user data.

On the last event day, participants got their use cases evaluated by our experienced SAP judges. All the use cases presented were far more impressive and exciting than expected.

Meet the Winners

First Place: Ernest & Young (E&Y) is the winner for this Hackathon with their intuitive solutions built on SAP Digital Boardroom for banking and waste management industry.

First Runner Up: 1st-runner up goes to Backoffice. They showcased the solutions that simplify the complicated sales planning and analytics for manufacturing organizations.

Third Place: 3rd-place goes to Cognizant with their Spend Performance KPI Management solution covering five different KPI categories.

Thanks to All the Participants

Well done to all and a big thanks to all the participating partners! We look forward to seeing all your solutions listed on the SAP App Center!

  • BackOffice: Advanced Manufacturing Planning and Analytics
  • Bramasole: ASC S42 Leasing Disclosure Analytics
  • Cognizant: Spend Intelligence
  • Capgemini: Healthcare Analytics, FAL(Final Assembly Line) Optimization Analytics
  • EY: EY Digital Boardroom for FSO, EY Digital Boardroom for Waste Management
  • Incture: Sales Analytics and Forecasting
  • NTTData: Monitoring Dashboard Consuming parameters of various systems recorded by Solman
  • Sierra Infosys: SAP – Contract Lease Management – Reporting, mainly Disclosure reporting recorded by Solman
  • Vasapp: Inventory Optimization using SAP Analytics Cloud
  • Visual BI: Sales Analytics for a Distributor, Accounts Receivable & Cash Flow

Overall, with the power of SAP Analytics Cloud as the platform, the event was a great success and our partners really enjoyed this interactive and hands-on experience and walked away with meaningful insights from experienced SAP product experts and developers. They will work on the content further with personal support from our experts for next steps beyond the Hackathon.

We look forward to having more partners join us in such events around SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Digital Boardroom. Do check out this video of the wonderful Hackathon Experience if you missed the chance to be there.



Stay Tuned

Stay tuned for our next Partner event. We welcome all the developers, designers and entrepreneurs with innovative ideas to join us for a rewarding experience that creates value for both company and clients.

Special thanks to our technical support team led by Srini and consists of Ashok, Karthik and Ashutosh; our judgers: Ramu Gowda, Srinivas Vinnakota and Sr. Architect. Last but not least, the organizing team: Faiz, Mithun, Sumit and Vasista, as well as Mike Friday for his overall support.  Excellent work by all!

This article originally appeared on the SAP Community blog and has been republished with permission.