For the first time, SAP will be actively participating in the AI Summit NYC running December 5-6, 2018 at the Javits Center in New York City. I am really looking forward to it and my first experience of the AI Summit. SAP will have a massive pod right by the entrance to the Keynote theatre (map below).

Come by and learn about how SAP is delivering value for business across the intelligent enterprise by leveraging intelligent technologies like AI and machine learning. Speak to experts, see compelling demos, and discover how SAP can help you achieve a truly intelligent enterprise with conversational AI, robotic process automation, predictive analytics for end users, embedded machine learning, and much more.

Keynote Session with Mala Anand – December 5

Further enrich your understanding by catching Mala Anand, President of SAP Leonardo, Analytics, and Industries at SAP, speak in a Keynote Session.

Mala will detail how:

  • The emergence of advanced technologies is nothing new, especially as we enter the fourth industrial revolution.
  • This change is a two-way street with consumers (no longer just the recipients), but that their usage and consumption shapes the future of their own experiences.
  • Companies need to understand what such profound levels of insight mean for their business in terms of scale, culture, and ethics.
  • The intelligent-enterprise leveraging technologies like AI and machine learning can help establish and make sense of the web of connections that exist with their consumers.

Come discover how companies are becoming ‘Intelligent’ and experiencing real business outcomes from intelligent business decisions.

Beyond Technologies: Enabling the Intelligent Enterprise

December 5, 12:45pm EST in the Keynote Theater

Pragmatic AI with David Judge – December 5

Make sure to catch David Judge, Vice President of SAP Leonardo and Analytics at SAP, as he gives a more technical talk in Stream S.

David will explore how:

  • Pragmatic AI is providing clear business benefits today; from automating customer service transactions to models predicting customer propensity to churn to invoice and financial data matching.
  • Pragmatic AI is helping companies, system, customers, and employees achieve higher levels of productivity, effectiveness and satisfaction.

See hands on demonstrations using machine learning and conversational AI technologies as they create and deliver end-to-end automation that is transforming how we transact and interact.

Pragmatic AI: From Aspiration to Actionable Strategy to Deployed Performance-Driving Solutions

December 5, 11:25am EST in the Stream S Theater

The AI Summit looks to be a very enjoyable, educational, and enlightening experience. I am looking forward to the new experience, networking, making new friends, and hopefully bumping into some old ones.

Hope to see you at the SAP booth.

Safe travels.

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