OK I admit it, I’m really, really looking forward to this year’s SAPPHIRE NOW concert presented by Tata Consultancy Services—after all, this performer is one of the 21st Century’s Most Influential Women Musicians!  And if I’m being completely transparent, part of it is because the younger members in my family are super jealous of me and that makes me smile!  Thanks to my family, I’m learning her hits so I will be ready for the concert!

Whether you are an avid fan of this international superstar, a new fan, or your kids are jealous so you need to be at the concert, I hope you are looking forward to a fun time and great celebration!

On your way to the concert, I hope to meet you at the Platform and Technology Pavilion to check out the latest innovations, releases, announcements and launches that will happen!  (Some of them I can’t discuss in this blog, they are hush hush and I must remain “Speechless” about them!!)

What’s Included in the Platform and Technology Pavilion

At the Platform and Technology Pavilion, we will demystify the technology hype around topics such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented analytics, persistent memory, data protection, data anonymization, chatbots, and many more.

You will see real-world usage that turns technology hype into business disruption and innovation. You will learn from your peers, extend your network and get the latest updates on intelligent technologies and digital platform that support SAP’s Intelligent Enterprise.

Technology topics included in the Pavilion include Cloud Emerging Technologies, Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, and Data Management topics that are near and dear to the Chief Data Officer’s heart.

  • Cloud Emerging Technologies will include topics built on SAP Cloud Platform (PL839).  Those topics include IoT (PL86752), data warehousing in the cloud (PL836), blockchain (DS86376), SAP HANA service (PL86856), and many more.
  • Analytics has SAP Analytics Cloud (PL818) as the foundation for all topics around SAP Digital Boardroom (87018), augmented analytics (86861), and collaborative enterprise planning (PL821).
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence includes robotic process automation (PL89605), data intelligence (86564),  conversational AI and chatbots (89601), and more.
  • Data Management covers so many topics, you’ll want to spend some time here.  The star will be details on the updates to SAP HANA (PL835)  and its many innovations.  You will also want to learn more about SAP solutions for data warehousing (PL836), SAP Data Hub (PL831), and using enterprise information management (PL830) for governance and data preparation.

If we meet and I have headphones on, I’m probably catching up on the top tunes the family said I should know before the concert.  There’s a “Million Reasons” to learn them all!

Let’s meet at the Products and Technology Pavilion on the way to the concert!