Everyone plans. Whether you’re in marketing, sales, finance, HR, etc. you’re always doing some sort of planning to achieve business goals. However, did you know that there is a way to align your strategic, financial, and line of business plans in a single unified environment?

This process of connecting strategic, financial, and function plans is called “collaborative enterprise planning.

SAP can help you achieve your strategic objectives by helping you unite departments and break-down silos with collaborative enterprise planning.

At SAPPHIRE NOW 2019, you’ll learn how you can leverage SAP solutions, such as SAP Analytics Cloud, to optimize business performance through collaborative enterprise planning.

Start your learning journey by taking in a few of our hottest enterprise planning sessions at SAPPHIRE NOW 2019.

Click the links and add the sessions to your personal event agenda:

Step 1: Empower Your People to Succeed Through Optimized Workforce Planning


Step 2: Road Map: SAP Analytics Solutions for Planning and Analysis


Step 3: Empower Intelligent Decision-Making with Collaborative Enterprise Planning


Step 4: Gain Business Agility with Collaborative Enterprise Planning in the Cloud


Step 5:Transform Financial Planning and Analysis with Embedded Intelligence


Step 6: Build a Multimodal Financial Planning System That Provides Food for Growth

Key Customer Sessions at #SAPPHIRENOW

Also, don’t miss General Mills and Siemens’ session if you want to hear first-hand how our customers use our collaborative enterprise planning solution, SAP Analytics Cloud, to optimize their planning process

Step 7: Build a Multimodal Financial Planning System That Provides Food for Growth – General Mills


Step 8: Improve Business Outcomes with Real-Time Planning in the Cloud – Siemens

Visit Us at the Topic Stations

And, having taken in these sessions and presentations, round off your SAPPHIRE NOW experience this year by making a point to spend some time talking with the SAP Planning and Analysis team at one of our topic stations in the:

  • Digital Core neighborhood DI310 (Step 9)
  • Platform and Intelligent Technology Pavilion PL821 (Step 10).

The team will be pleased to welcome you!

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Can’t make it to SAPPHIRE this year? Start your journey towards collaborative enterprise planning by visiting sap.com to learn more.