The Analytics Designer Hackathon has officially begun, and submissions will be accepted up until September 1st. In this blog post, contestants of the Analytics Designer Hackathon are given a general framework and structure of how their blog submission should be like.

For more information on the contest itself:

Official Analytics Designer Hackathon Website

If you have any questions, feel free to email


  • Provide a short introduction on your objective(s).
    • Partners: describe your client and an opportunity/business need you’ve identified for the application you will create
    • Students: describe the UN goal and its targets that you’ve selected and why
  • Describe and contextualize the data you’ve choose to use.
    • If you’ve included data sources from external parties, are these sources credible? Explain where you got the data and why you chose to.
  • Provide a purpose for your application and the goal you are trying to achieve through the application and how it relates to your objective(s).

Application Description and Key Insights

  • Include 2-3 screenshots or GIFs of your application.
  • Explain very briefly how you created the application.
  • Describe what the application is supposed to achieve in relation to your chosen objectives.
  • What are some key insights you derived from using SAP Cloud Analytics?
  • Was there anything that was obvious? If so, what were they?
  • Was there anything that surprised you? If so, what were they?
  • Name at least one takeaway that relates to the objectives that you derived from the creation of the application.


  • Describe the implementation process, future applications and implications of the application you’ve created.
    • Students only:
        • How can SAP help better this goal?
        • How can affected parties use SAP Cloud Analytics to aid in the specific UN Goal you’ve chosen?