That’s Right—We Have a New Home!

Your favorite content will now be all in one place, because the SAP HANA and SAP Analytics Blogs are moving to a new neighborhood. We’re excited to announce that from now on, the SAP Community is all you need to find the bloggers you’ve come to rely on to keep you informed, educated, and up-to-date.

Key Points of Interest

To help you navigate your way around our solution areas, we’ve created the following SAP Community Topic Pages, where you’ll find the latest news and blog posts, product tutorials, FAQs, and more:

Not Just a Change of Address

But a new address doesn’t mean we’re starting over. We’re bringing our content with us—hundreds of posts, as a matter of fact.  We know you depend on the information we’ve provided (and we’re pretty fond of it, too), so over the next two months we’ll be migrating over our SAP Analytics and SAP HANA posts from the last few years. We’ll have redirects in place, so you can still find all of your favorite content when and where you need it.

And that’s not all. Moving into the SAP Community neighborhood lets us broaden the conversation with more of you. We want to be where you are. Most importantly, we want to invite you to join in the conversation with other users from around the world.

So, visit our new Topic Pages, read posts, ask questions, and then? Write your own blogs. And when you do, please be sure to tag your post with our main topic tags so we can see and share them too (that’s Analytics, SAP Cloud Platform, Digital Platform, and SAP Leonardo).

Everyone is welcome to join the SAP Community—come explore today!


If you have any questions, publish them as a comment or reach out to us on Twitter at @SAPAnalytics and @SAPInMemory

Just One Look Back…

Though the road ahead is exciting, we definitely want to take one last look back in appreciation. For 9+ years, the SAP HANA and SAP Analytics Blogs have been a great place to share product information and to advance ideas—and we couldn’t have done it without our readers and bloggers. Thank you for your loyalty and service.

We look forward to seeing you ’round the bend!

The LoB Marketing Social Media Team
(Suzanne Ellis, Darren Folk, Avery Horzewski, Kristin Kufeldt, and Marie Melgaard)